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It's a major expense to replace an old roof with a new one. In addition to finding a good contractor who will complete your re-roof job for a reasonable price, you may need to decide whether or not you want the new roof to be the same type as the old.

If you notice a leak, but most of the roof is still in good condition, it might make more sense just to repair the damaged spots. If you notice signs that the roof is wearing out and might require significant repair; or if your roof is more than 20 years old, you may want to consider replacing the roof.

Jabeau provides the best value in roof replacement for home and business owners throughout North Texas, including Wichita Falls, Lawton, Buckburnett, and nearby.

What roofing services are best for my home?

The condition of your roof is important for obvious reasons. Whether you need repair work, new gutters, or a new roof, it’s smart to deal with an established, full-service roofing contractor that has experience with a variety of roofing services in Texas and Oklahoma. Our trained, experienced specialists with work with you to consider your budget, how long you plan to live in your house, and other factors in order to establish your best course of action.

Roof replacement options:

Metal roof replacement. Metal roofs can require replacement because roof panels have been damaged by high winds or impacts. The replacement may also be called for when panels rust or the factory-applied finish deteriorates. When an old metal roof is replaced with a new one, building owners sometimes choose to install a metal roof that has a different profile. This is possible because installation details usually remain the same.

Replacing an asphalt shingle roof. It's usually possible to install a new asphalt shingle roof over an existing asphalt shingle roof, providing that the roof structure is sound. But if there are already two layers of roofing in place, the entire roof will have to be stripped down to the roof sheathing. As with any roof replacement, the flashing will also need to be either replaced or renewed.

Flat roof replacement. Because a flat roof can allow water (in the form of rain, snow, and ice) to collect rather than drain, leaks and moisture damage are more common with this roof type. So any flat roof replacement should include a careful inspection of the roof structure for signs of moisture damage. The good news about replacing a flat roof is that it's also an excellent opportunity to increase the building's energy efficiency by installing a new rigid foam insulation board beneath the new roofing material.

Replacing concrete tile roofs. When an old concrete tile roof develops enough leaks or broken tiles to justify roof replacement rather than spot repairs, homeowners often choose to have a less-expensive roofing material installed, like asphalt shingles, for example. But if the new roof is to be concrete tile, homeowners need to choose between several commonly available tile shapes. When the old roof tiles have been removed, the roof structure can be inspected and repaired as necessary. Then a new waterproof roof membrane can be installed before the new roofing goes on.

Clay tile roof replacement. Because of the expense involved in replacing a clay tile roof, some homeowners elect to have a different roofing material installed after the clay tile roof is removed. Once the roof has been cleared of tile, the roof structure can be inspected and repaired as necessary. The horizontal and/or vertical battens used to install some tile roofs may need to be repaired or replaced before a new tile roof can be installed. The roofing contractor may also recommend installing a new waterproof membrane prior to installing the new roofing material.

Replacing a wood shingle roof. A wood shingle roof never wears out evenly, since some areas of the roof receive more exposure to the weathering effects of sunlight and moisture than others. When spot repairs become necessary on an ongoing basis, many homeowners elect to have the entire roof replaced. Today many roofing contractors recommend installing a "rain-screen" material beneath a wood shingle roof, instead of nailing the shingles directly against the roof sheathing. The resilient rain-screen material creates an airspace beneath the roof shingles that promotes drainage and drying.

Slate roof replacement. Roofing slates are typically installed over the horizontal strapping. When a slate roof is replaced, workers will inspect the roof structure, strapping, and moisture barrier, making repairs as necessary. Synthetic slate roofing, made from recycled rubber products, is sometimes installed as an alternative to genuine slate roofing.

Replacing roof flashing. Roof flashing plays a critical role in protecting a building from moisture damage. For this reason, roof flashing should be inspected several times a year to make sure it's in good condition. Some flashing is made from aluminum or copper, while another flashing is made from rubber or plastic sheet material. When new roofing is installed, some types of roof flashing can remain in place, while other types of roof flashing must be replaced. For example, old step flashing is usually replaced, while the counterflashing used on chimneys is typically reused. Valley flashing is usually replaced.

How long will the new roof last?

The type of roofing, the design of your roof, and other factors determine how long a new roof will last. But here’s one thing you can count on Roofing materials are much better today than they were 20 years ago. For example, some premium-grade asphalt shingles carry 50-year manufacturer’s warranties. Other roofing products (flashing, waterproof membranes, and sealants) have also been significantly improved.

While roof repair might work to fix minor issues, an old roof or a roof that has significant damage may need to be replaced. There are many reasons for a new roof, and we can help you decide if now is the right time for it. 

If you think it might be time to have your roof replaced, call Jabeau at 1-844-385-8889 or get an online quote to have your roof inspected by one of our experts. We work throughout North Texas, including Buckburnett, Lawton, Wichita Falls, Walters, Randlett, Electra, Geronimo, Holliday, Archer City, Iowa Park, and many surrounding areas.

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